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Sweet Things

From pies to cupcakes to cookies and more, Rose Cottage Baking Company is the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth! All of our sweet treats are made in house using all natural ingredients to give you the most satisfying treat around.


We love to bake fresh bread at our bakery! We grind wheat and rye in our bakery to make sure your ingredients are the absolute freshest available. Try a loaf of our cinnamon swirl bread, it’s our most popular item!


Our scones are made by hand daily to ensure that you’re getting the freshest taste. Our most popular flavors include raspberry, rhubarb, and mixed berry. Specialty scones are also available throughout the year – including our famous Almond Joy Scone. Our scones pair great with a specialty coffee or tea!

latte from above.

Coffee / Espresso

The perfect pairing to our bakery items is a warm cup of coffee or an espresso drink. We make our drinks to order, so you can customize it as you wish!



Our scones are one of our most popular bakery items. Buttery and full of fruit, chocolate, or perhaps a specialty ingredient, they make a great breakfast item or even a midday snack.

almond cake

Almond Cake

This cake is a specialty of ours and we love to share it with you. We don’t often brag, but we have perfected our almond ratio in this cake. We think ours is the best around!

sparkle donuts

Sparkle Donut

Everyone loves a good donut, but our donuts sparkle! Grab one with your coffee for a great way to start your day!

fresh loaves of bread wrapped to take home.


Our fresh bread speaks for itself. Grab a loaf to take home to share with your family. Warm it up, add some butter, and enjoy. We have new flavors to try each week too, so you’ll definitely be coming back for more.



Cookies are our favorite treat. From chocolate chip to raspberry tart, there is a cookie for everyone. Our cookie flavors change out each week, so you keep coming back to try our newest creations.

Tuesday Teas at the Cottage

High Teas – reservation only. Seven course of scones, sweets, and teas. Done once a month with limited seating. Different teas each month. Place your reservations today!

Coffee & Tea

In addition to our full bakery, Rose Cottage offers specialty coffee and teas. Warm up with a regular black coffee or a fun latte! Our SpecialTEA teas offer a great blend of flavors to bring a smile to your day! Order online for a convenient way to grab a drink on the way to work or to the lake!

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fresh latte being prepared

Rose Cottage News…

…By The Baker Lady

Want to stay up-to-date with all of the happenings at Rose Cottage Baking Company? It’s easy when you follow the Rose Cottage News blog. We will post new products, special happenings, pre-order options, bakery box information and more. We might even provide recipes for you to try at home. You definitely want to continue checking back to see what new things are happening at the bakery.

swirl-frosted cupcakes

Sweet Things

Our sweets are the loveliest of delights and the sweet ending to a delicious meal. We make cupcakes, bars, chocolates, custard-filled sweets, pies and more. We make everything from scratch with all natural ingredients. Sweet never tasted so good!

fresh baked bread


Made from scratch with no added gluten or preservatives, our bread is made with only freshly ground grains and pure deliciousness. It will taste like the homemade bread your grandmother used to make. Imagine our hot fresh bread directly from the oven, sliced with butter to perfection. It is enough to make your mouth water just reading about it.

iced chocolate chip scones


We take scones to a whole new level at Rose Cottage Baking Company. Our classic scones are rich in butter and cream with pure extracts and fruit mixed in. Our specialty scones are available on special occasions throughout the year. You never know what we might mix in with our scones to create a one-of-a-kind treat!



A cookie might be the most perfect dessert of all and we at Rose Cottage love to make them. From our classic buttery chocolate chip cookies to our signature raspberry jam tart, we have cookies on hand every day at the bakery. We are always changing out our selections so you can enjoy all the wonderful cookies recipes we have.

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