About Us

About Us

Rose Cottage Baking Company was born out of family tradition. Using recipes passed down from generations, Rebekah, aka The Baker Lady, is infusing her creations with the legacy of her family. To Rebekah, baking is much more than just crafting a dough – it’s crafting memories and feelings. Food inspires us to reconnect with our past; from sitting in a kitchen with your grandmother or learning how to first bake with your mother, we all have special memories that are connected to food. At Rose Cottage Baking Company, Rebekah wants you to remember what it was like when you had that first taste of your grandmother’s apple pie or the feeling of coming home from school to find your dad’s special sugar cookies on the counter.

A trip to Rose Cottage Baking Company is more than just a quick stop to grab a sweet treat – it’s a moment to reflect on the nostalgia of the past and a great way to bridge that gap with your family today to create new memories. We like to think that Rose Cottage Baking Company is an old-fashioned bakery offering the modern conveniences of today.

We stand apart from other bakeries because we know good food is made from natural ingredients. All of our baking is done from scratch using pure ingredients. Food tastes better when it’s made from scratch and we know you’ll agree. We hope to see you coming back regularly for that special treat or homemade loaf of bread.

We are on a mission to make fresh food with ingredients you can recognize, so you can feel good about the food you eat. Here’s how we do it:

We Smile.

We believe food is all about bringing joy to others. This makes all of our efforts (and messes) in the kitchen worth it!

We Learn.

We strive to be knowledgeable about ingredient combinations to find the most delicious pairings to bring to you, our customer. Food is always evolving and so are we!

We Create.

We create new recipes weekly to share in our bakery, because trying something different is fun!

If you haven’t guessed it already, we’re passionate about food. Coming up with a new recipe to delight people is satisfying, just like pulling fresh bread from the oven (though we enjoy cookies more).

The Start of Rose Cottage Baking Company

I began baking at a very young age (I was in single digits still). For my first baking project, my mom let me choose a cake mix to bake all by myself and I chose a strawberry flavored one. She then instructed me on how to follow the instructions on the box step by step, starting with collecting the necessary ingredients for my creation. After the instructions, she let me do everything on my own. I remember this being such a big moment for me. I felt so grown up!

I followed each of the instructions in order and even meticulously greased and floured the pans. I poured the lovely pink mixture into the pans, put it in the oven, set the timer and then I waited. It was the longest 25 minutes of my life.

Once the timer went off, I was so excited that I grabbed the cake pans with my bare hands. Ouch! My mom was right there to help soothe the pain (aloe to the rescue) and then took the pans out of the oven for me. When it cooled, we had the most amazing cake to share.

I was so proud of my work then and I continue to be proud of my work today. It is with the same enthusiasm that I get up each and every morning to bake for you, my customers. Don’t worry, I have some excellent oven mitts in my possession now to remove my freshly baked treats and breads. I love sharing my creations and knowing how one bite can bring back a sense of nostalgia. Thank you for supporting my business and allowing me to do what I love – bake for you!

Rebekah Olson

Rebekah Olson
Rose Cottage Baking Co.

swirl-frosted cupcakes

Sweet Things

Our sweets are the loveliest of delights and the sweet ending to a delicious meal. We make cupcakes, bars, chocolates, custard-filled sweets, pies and more. We make everything from scratch with all natural ingredients. Sweet never tasted so good!

fresh baked bread


Made from scratch with no added gluten or preservatives, our bread is made with only freshly ground grains and pure deliciousness. It will taste like the homemade bread your grandmother used to make. Imagine our hot fresh bread directly from the oven, sliced with butter to perfection. It is enough to make your mouth water just reading about it.

iced chocolate chip scones


We take scones to a whole new level at Rose Cottage Baking Company. Our classic scones are rich in butter and cream with pure extracts and fruit mixed in. Our specialty scones are available on special occasions throughout the year. You never know what we might mix in with our scones to create a one-of-a-kind treat!



A cookie might be the most perfect dessert of all and we at Rose Cottage love to make them. From our classic buttery chocolate chip cookies to our signature raspberry jam tart, we have cookies on hand every day at the bakery. We are always changing out our selections so you can enjoy all the wonderful cookies recipes we have.

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